Solving the World's Problems, One Step at a Time?

Welcome to Webmaster Says! This website was created because Webmaster (who is a problem solver) wants to start fixing more problems (actually many!) and bigger ones. Webmaster knows he cannot fix all problems and is not certain that his way is the best way. In fact, because his way is often unconventional, it may not be the best way in every case - but he thinks that in many cases it is worth a try. He believes he has some ideas about how we might start on some big problems, recognizes he can't do it alone and is hoping others will agree with him - at least on some things - and be willing to 'pitch in'. Most of us are aware of many problems (in our County, State, Country and the World), wish they could be fixed, but don't know how to fix them and are not even sure that most of the problems can be fixed. [We are focussing here on the 'big' problems; what many people seem to ignore is the fact that we all solve 'little' problems, routinely, by ourselves. Some of the principles we apply to little problems are in fact applicable to big ones as well.] Webmaster, who has an opinion about almost everything, believes that most problems can be fixed but - usually - fixing a specific 'big' problem involves a series of actions, by a number of people, over a period of time (sometimes a very long time).

The BACKGROUND section of this website gives Webmaster's perspective about problems and solutions. That section also includes a description of what Webmaster refers to as "Marshall's Way" and explains how Marshall's Way was usually applied to relatively small problems, but may in fact be applicable to many larger problems. The HELP section explains how Webmaster is trying to attract attention to the problems he has decided to tackle, in the hope that he can get some people to help solve the problems. The MY TAKE section identifies some of the problems Webmaster hopes will get solved and provides, for each, his 'take' on the nature of the problem and some possible attitudes we can all adopt, as well as actions we might take to start solving the problem. The ACTIONS section looks at actions that seem, to Webmaster, of a general nature and thus might be used by many people to solve many problems - and not just the ones that Webmaster identifies in the MY TAKE section. The CONTACT page is self explanatory.

About Webmaster: You can reach Webmaster by Email - see the link at the bottom of this page. If you wish to know a bit more about Webmaster, please click here.

About This Website: Many people think that setting up and maintaining a website is difficult and expensive. It need not be! If you would like information on how easy it was to do the initial creation of Webmaster Says, how little it cost, and how straightforward it can be to build such a website into something quite substantial (assuming you are willing to work at it!), click here.

Note: The domain name for this website was purchased on June 10, 2013. By June 12 the website had been framed out: pages had been named and an under construction graphic had been inserted into each page. By June 20 five of the six pages had enough content to justify removing the under construction graphic. By June 23, 2013 two My Takes had been posted and the under construction graphic had been removed from the sixth page. This website has grown rather slowly relative to what is normally the case for several reasons: for one thing, Webmaster is concurrently setting up and maintaining many websites. In addition, this website became somewhat problematic because - despite the fact he should have known better - Webmaster did not plan carefully enough with respect to what has become the HELP page and has had to revise it a number of times!


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